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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Christmas is coming.........

...and we're getting into the festive spirit here at The Hidden Lane Tearoom!

I love the snow. It comes from having a mum called Carol(e) who once even put our Christmas tree up in the middle of November, so keen was she to start the celebrations. (I should add that all the needles feel off and we were the only family IN THE WORLD to have a discarded Xmas tree waiting for the bin men the first week of December. Oh, the remembered embarrassment!) 

Anyway, childish nightmares aside, Christmas and snowtime is my favourite time of year and we've started decorating and hotting up the menu as the temperature hits zero and below. So, delicious wintery soups and a special winter high tea designed to share with friends as an alternative Christmas day/night out.

Yule love our Yule logs and our orange and nutmeg spiced mincepies. Our edible Christmas gifts. Our festive cheer. And you're very welcome to bring your own miniature of Baileys to spice up our delicious hot chocolate, or bring a bottle of wine to get you in the mood. (My own current favourite is Crabbies Green Ginger wine with lots of ice.)