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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Hidden Tea Room delights delivered to your office door!

What a difference a driving license makes!

Passing my driving test was a bit of an uphill struggle - mainly due to the number of hill starts I spectacularly stalled in the full frontal presence of numerous steely eyed instructors. Friends suggested I should go somewhere flat to sit my test - like Denmark - but I reckoned that if I was ever going to drive ALONE in Glasgow, then I needed to bite the bullet and just get on with it. And Hallelujah! I finally passed a few months ago.

You might therefore be surprised to learn that I am only now delivering fabulous high teas and nibble platters to offices and in the spirit of transparency I have to grudgingly confess that driving still scares me and if your office is at the top of a very big hill with lots of traffic lights and pedestrian crossings I might say no to your pleas of cake delivered direct to your door.

For everyone else I am delighted to announce that The Hidden Lane Tearoom now delivers. So if you fancy a working lunch that will make you happy, or a celebratory feast, or a high tea with a difference then I can bring it all to you. Along with our slate serving platters and vintage crockery.

Honestly. I can elevate your working lunch to a culinary thing of beauty. And as long as you're on flat land, I can deliver! Providing you order before 11am. Full details to follow but I'm so excited that I wanted to tell you soonest!