My thinkings about baking and cooking and cups and saucers and teapots with lovely lids and sugar bowls and working for myself. Finally. At last. Yippee.

Vintage hen parties

Imagine. Vintage frockery and cakery and photography pokery. All in the one place. Here. At the Hidden lane tearoom.

You can decorate cup cakes, or just eat them. Sip bubbly from china teacups. Enjoy a bit of a vintage photoshoot with your chookmates. Laugh it up here. Or let us bring it all to you. We can organise make-overs and up-do's and dressing up.

The Hidden Lane Tearoom, with its vintage crockery and vintage style and very nice people who work here (we are!), might be not very big. But it packs a very large dose of personality.