My thinkings about baking and cooking and cups and saucers and teapots with lovely lids and sugar bowls and working for myself. Finally. At last. Yippee.

Private Parties

Imagine. You. Your friends. Great music. Great  FUN.

You can host your very own party here at The Hidden Lane Tearoom:

Hen do? Bring your own champagne and drink it from lovely vintage tea cups. I'll make the cakes. And the savouries. Your princessdom starts here.

Granny day - bring granny and friends for a bit of retro down hidden memory lane kind of thing.

Birthday - Fairy cakes and sparkly candles. Yaay!

Fed up and could do with cheering up kind of day - bring your own wine or fizzy. I'll turn the music up loud and force feed you sweet things for as long as it takes.