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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Fairy cakes and wedding cakes

I've been perfecting my fairy cakes recently as they sell so well in the tearoom. I recently had a huge order for 400 for a company in Glasgow which tested me to the limit - both in terms of making them and storing them. The end result though is that I am now something of a fairy cake expert.

My favourite toppings are probably quite girly - obviously for the wedding market it's not surprising, and I love particularly the pastel colours and the bright pinks. But I also play around quite a lot with the cakes themselves and in order to make the 400 f
airy cakes a bit special I experimented with apple and cinnamon, red velvet, carrot and honey and chocolate brownie cakes.

Am now practicing some fairly ghoulish ones for next week. Along with some interesting 'finger' foods that should send a shiver down the spine!

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  1. How mesmerizing Fairy cakes and wedding cakes! I adore these cakes designs. I will have a Mickey Mouse themed ceremony at one of prettiest outdoor wedding venues NYC so if you have some inspirations for DIY Mickey Mouse cakes, please share here!