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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Sooo excited that spring has sprung... can feel it in the air. A little warmth when the sun comes out. Snowdrops. Crocuses peaking through as I walk through the park to work.

So hardly surprising that a wee bit of a spring clean and a revival is taking place down here at The Hidden Lane Tearoom. We've come over all romantic; the menu is getting revamped; our china cup cake wedding cake display seems to get eaten every day. And we're sprucing up the paint work. (Well, actually, my dad is sprucing up the paint work but I have a long list of other jobs that need doing and I'll sweet talk him into those once he gets here!)

What's on the dummy this week? A beautiful vintage wedding dress from the lovely DragonFly Dress design here in the Hidden Lane. What's on the menu? Chocolate and Guinness cake (some of us are still celebrating St Patrick's Day). What's on the walls? Soon - some fabulous photography in stupendous frames from McCracken Framing, also here in the Lane. And some lovely lacey vintage necklaces from Fantoosherie.

Baking books galore. A warm hello. I think that my little tearoom is a really really lovely place to be. I hope that you do too:-))

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