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Monday, 28 March 2011

A wee bit of spring decorating..

You might remember that I mentioned a wee bit of decorating. I got dad here with a little bit of cake bribery and to date he has hung a zillion shelves, touched up all the paint work and done a little bit of re-wiring.

Big plans for him tomorrow though. I managed to get one roll of vintage wallpaper - you have to sniff it because it smells like lovely oldness - and the plan is for lovely papa to create panels for me as one roll obviously won't stretch! I can sense that he doesn't quite get this designer touch as he was heard to mutter that the walls are going to look like a patchwork quilt. I suspect he meant it as an insult, but I took it as a compliment!

Mum and I went to Homebase for the various tool bits and stuff. The plank aisle for shelving. The silver screw aisle for special wingnut things. Paint. Wallpaper glue. Hairy brushes. And herbs for the front door - I use loads in my baking and I'm starting to feel excited about growing my own again. It's amazing what a few pots outside can actually produce. I also fancied some petals to add to salads, however mum says that polyanthus are just a little bit poisonous.

So, a busy day and pictures tomorrow.

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